Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some words about a friend

In 2006 I became friends with John. We met through our now ex-girlfriends, who were both roller derby bad-asses at the time. Although those relationships ended, John and I remained friends. We share many interests; old bikes, comic books, music, movies and art. John, aside from being an excellent bartender, is also a great illustrator in traditional media. His website, showcases not only his illustrative talent, but his humor.

Regarding comics, John is a big fan of the Mike Mignola created universe of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (the BPRD). The likes of Hellboy, Abe Sapien, Johann Krauss populate this world and are all truly unique. An ancillary character in the Mignola-verse is Lobster Johnson.
I've become a fan of Lobster and he has been given treatment in several of my sketches (see November 10 blog entry). As Mike Mignola has a very unique and stylized technique, I thought I would try to draw the vigilante "realistically". He looks a little tired and beat-up, but he probably was.

John is a big reason I got back into drawing after a 15-year hiatus. We've often discussed technique and I have picked his brain for how-to information regarding pencilling, inking and some digital work. As much of an inspiration, he's also been a big supporter and advocate. I believe I would have hung up the non-photo blue pencil already if not for John's words of advice and encouragement.

This Lobster's for you, Johnny. Thanks.

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  1. You get better and better with every pict I see you post. Good job!