Thursday, October 6, 2011


October 5 Drink n' Draw: Had a really fun night. The weather was crazy warm for this time of year, so I rode my bike the 5 miles to Latitude. Got some fun sketches done and am beginning to trust myself a little more. Nothing is irreparable. That is why we sketch - to lay out a general idea and refine it as we go. The skull is a character I'm thinking of working into a web-comic that I'm planning. The simian creature was my take on a troll after listening to Tom Stilwell and Dave Pascuito talk about their impressions of what a troll should look like. I started with the face and then kind of ran out of imagination in terms of the head and body, so I cheated and covered him in fur. He winds up looking more ape-like than troll-like. The other guy was another attempt at a lumbering type of character, but just a quick sketch.

I spent the past few weeks catching up on the Bendis and Brubaker runs on Daredevil, hence Bullseye and the Owl. The Owl looks a little too much like Logan/Wolverine. Probably need to work on drawing "old people".

I also spent some time sketching ideas for this year's Christmas card, but they are not yet scan-worthy.


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