Thursday, September 22, 2011


September 21st Drink n' Draw: I was thinking all week about drawing a Mister Miracle. I collected the 1989 series by Jim Dematteis and Ian Gibson. I remembered liking the whimsy with which the series progressed and the relationship between Miracle (Scott Free) and his wife, Big Barda. Here is a not so kind review of the series . Tom Kelly, a hugely talented artist, looked over my shoulder at what I was drawing and thus began a half-hour discussion of Jack Kirby and his somewhat anachronistic concept of technology, i.e. Mother Boxes, Horse tanks, and Orion's curious cosmic sled, which I'm pretty sure Dave Pascuito (again, fantastic illustrator), renamed the Cosmic Segway. I finished the preliminary Miracle, a practice of perspective of which I'm rather proud, and started on a few other Kirby creations, including one of Superman's Nemeses, Darkseid. I rushed the sketch a bit, but liked the angle at which he is drawn, as bottom-up can be very challenging.
I began a sketch of Red Tornado, another character of whom I've become rather fond lately. Tornado is not a Jack Kirby creation, but it's not hard to imagine him being one, what with his overly busy costume, a Kirby trademark. Anyway, I think I rushed this a bit, and his elongated face makes him look somewhat sinister, though his character most certainly isn't.
Anyway, I had a much better "drawing night" than I did a few weeks ago, where nothing that flowed forth from either my stylus or pencil was worth a damn. I constantly reminded that drawing well takes lots of practice, and time is something of which I am woefully bereft right now.

Cheers. have a good weekend. And check out the hyperlinks to Tom's and Dave's artist pages.